This week’s Denver Stiffs Show is all about the offseason in full swing. Zach Mikash and Gordon Gross talk about the Denver Nuggets aggressive move to move up in the draft and select DaRon Holmes. The guys also talk about the two-way players Denver added and how they show that second round picks are really not all that valuable. The guys finish up the draft talk looking at whether or not Holmes should be expected to play right away. Then, they move on to NBA free agency, first discussing the Reggie Jackson trade before getting to the meat of the show which revolves around Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s decision to leave the Nuggets for the Orlando Magic. Finally, the guys close out the show talking about what they’d like to see Denver do with their final two roster spots.

DaRon Holmes II comes to Denver

  • Was trading three 2nd round picks too much to move up?
  • Is Holmes someone Nuggets fans should look to be in the rotation right away?

The offseason is in full swing

  • Thoughts on the Reggie Jackson trade
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope joins the Orlando Magic
  • What do the Nuggets do with their final two roster spots?