Inspired by a rash of Smart Car tippings in Denver, here's a batch of fresh power rankings.

After two week, the Warriors have yet to lose a game, while the Pelicans, Nets, and 76ers have yet to win their first game. The Nuggets premiered at No. 26, but something tells me they will be a bit higher this week after picking up their first home win of the season.

Here's the Denver Stiffs NBA power rankings, with an eye to the future while considering current results as well.

Rank Team Stiffiness Move (LW)
1 Golden State Warriors The Nuggets played well in the second half against the Mighty Warriors, but even a matchup against the physical Pistons wasn’t enough. They’re coming for 73. — (1)
2 Cleveland Cavaliers People keep asking Kevin Love if he’s back. Yeah, I’d say he’s back. — (2)
3 San Antonio Spurs After averaging a career-best 16.5 points last season, Kawhi Leonard is averaging 22.1 points per game this season. Not only is he the Spurs primary option, but his defense is still elite. He’s like a cobra. +3 (6)
4 Toronto Raptors They’re 5-2, and DeMarre Carroll is hurting, but this is a really good team with small flaws. Jonas Valanciunas is averaging 15/10, which is really great. +3 (7)
5 Los Angeles Clippers The latest Chris Paul meme is gold. Too bad they couldn’t knock off the Warriors, perhaps in a postseason preview. -2 (3)
6 Atlanta Hawks The Timberwolves blew them out, but the Hawks are on top of the Southeast Division after picking up seven wins. Jeff Teague is an All-Star point guard? +3 (9)
7 Chicago Bulls If Nikola Mirotic can play well, the Bulls deserve this ranking. There are a lot of question marks, and Fred Hoiberg will have to find answers throughout the season. They’ll have to find time to tinker when they can. -3 (4)
8 Oklahoma City Thunder They lost three straight, but they still have Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka. Got to be a little worried that the Ibaka-Kanter frontcourt still can’t defend anyone though, and it’s not Serge’s fault. -6 (2)
9 Houston Rockets Four wins last week, and James Harden took over. Needless to say, they’re still figuring out how to incorporate Ty Lawson into the offense. I’m still on board with bringing him off the bench – start Patrick Beverley! +5 (14)
10 Utah Jazz The Jazz are an elite defensive team, but it’s concerning how little they’re getting from their point guards. The Nuggets didn’t take advantage of their “no-point-guard” lineup and that’s regrettable. +1 (11)
11 Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond is the first player with 135 points and 135 rebounds through seven games since the legendary Wilt Chamberlain. He also caused great humiliation to the family of Ed Davis. +2 (13)
12 Miami Heat Hassan Whiteside is averaging 15 points, 11 boards and 3 blocks per game. He lacks situation awareness on defense at times, but this is what JaVale McGee was supposed to become. Justise Winslow is key off the bench. -4 (8)
13 Washington Wizards #KD2DC is live tonight as the Wizards play the Thunder. They need to cut back on their turnovers. If you thought Denver (16 per game) was bad, the Wizards are last in the league (19.7) by a comfortable margin over the Thunder (18.1). -1 (12)
14 Phoenix Suns Hard to put my finger on the Suns pulse. P.J. Tucker is struggling, but so are some of his teammates. I feel like they’ll make a trade (maybe with Alex Len) and upgrade their team mid-season. +1 (15)
15 Milwaukee Bucks A 4-0 week moves the Bucks up into the top 16 (playoffs baby!) as Jabari Parker returns to the court. In case you were wondering, Parker’s knee felt just fine against Brooklyn and New York. +3 (18)
16 Orlando Magic The Magic have played every game close, Evan Fournier is scoring from all over the court, and Scott Skiles has them prepared for games. A fun team that could make noise all season. +7 (23)
17 Memphis Grizzlies A loss to the Clippers last night cements their slide out of the top-16. I’m not saying it’s time to panic, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pack a go-bag in case of an emergency. Something seems off. -7 (10)
18 Portlan
d Trail Blazers
This DAME IS on FIRE! The Trail Blazers point guard is averaging 27 points a game, top 5 in the league. When he gets the ball without a defender nearby, your stomach drops. Hard worker is a superb leader for this young, young team. +7 (25)
19 Minnesota Timberwolves Karl-Anthony Towns has four double-doubles in his first six games. This kid can play. The future 1-2 punch of Towns and Wiggins is going to be a playoff contender in the Western Conference for a while. +2 (21)
20 Indiana Pacers Paul George is having a blast being back on the court, averaging 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists per game. They even managed to beat Andre Drummond and the Pistons. Frank Vogel is a mastermind, and if the Pacers make the playoffs, he’ll be a Coach of the Year candidate. +4 (24)
21 Boston Celtics Brad Stevens might be the best part of this team right now, which doesn’t say much about their players. Isaiah Thomas is the exception to that, but the rest of the team seems disposable. -4 (17)
22 Dallas Mavericks Dallas can slide in the rankings, because they gave Rick Carlisle an extension, securing one of the best coaches in the league for a few more years. The post-Dirk years will at least have one carryover. -3 (19)
23 Charlotte Hornets The Hornets dropped 130 points on the Chicago Bulls, and I’m not sure what that means. A 2-1 record this week moves them up, but eventually they’ll miss Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and settle around this region of the rankings. +4 (27)
24 Denver Nuggets Emmanuel Mudiay with the sweet left-handed block on Damian Lillard to secure a win was sweet. Waiving Erick Green to sign Kostas Papanikolaou only to have Jameer Nelson miss a game with a back injury was sour. Point guard-Randy Foye is not a fun thing to watch. +2 (26)
25 New York Knicks At least Kristaps Porzingis is good, although Nuggets fans (like me) were kind of hoping he’d be terrible his first season. May the basketball Gods bless Carmelo Anthony with many a night where he feels like he needs to take over. -9(16)
26 Sacramento Kings Rajon Rondo played 48 minutes last night. Glad to see George Karl still has love for the veterans on his team, despite their 1-6 record. Ben McLemore needs to do better, as he’s starting to smell like a bust. -4 (22)
27 New Orleans Pelicans Sorry, Alvin Gentry and friends. Anthony Davis is incredible, but this team is too injured and too winless to be any higher in the rankings. One of three teams that hasn’t won a single game. -7 (20)
28 Philadelphia 76ers Nerlens Noel was ejected for throwing an elbow at Greeley, Colorado native Jason Smith during a game against the Magic, and after being entertaining to watch last season with a heap of 3-pointers, they’ve slowed down the pace this year. Bad. +1 (28)
29 Brooklyn Nets The Nets 2016 draft pick goes to Boston, no questions asked. There’s no incentive to lose, and they are still downright awful. You lose to the Nets, you have to take a local subway back to the hotel. -1 (29)
30 Los Angeles Lakers Bad, bad, bad. Byron Scott continues to be an embarrassment to the other professional coaches in the league, and Kobe took the worst shot of the season. Remember that the 76ers get the Lakers pick if it falls out of the top 3. (30)

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