Folks, when you sign up on Denver Stiffs, you are required to sign-off on our guidelines. They can be breezed through or overlooked, so we just want to remind everyone of the guidelines here and we ask you adhere to them as the season is about to get underway. Andrew, Jeff, and I are glad you all are back (some never left) and look forward to talking Nuggets all season!

Here we go: is an independent website dedicated to the Denver Nuggets. Nuggets fans as well as fans of other teams are welcome here. Good-natured smack talk is acceptable.
Personal attacks will not be tolerated by any member. Have an opinion, state your case, disagree and debate, but be respectful of yourself and other members. Any comments that personally attack any other member will be deleted and the member warned, if it persists the member will be banned.
Any post or comment that refers to a player, coach, or other prominent figure within the franchise in a derogatory way will be deleted.
Sometimes comments can get heated, especially during games, so mild profanity is acceptable. Profanity directed at another member however, will not be tolerated.
FanShots and FanPosts allow you to create your story! Utilize them to make your points. This is your Nuggets community.
* Any FanPost or FanShot with vulgarity in the title will BE DELETED.
* FanPosts should be where you write your lengthy ideas/opinions.
* FanShots is where you can share Nuggets related links.
These rules go for everyone.