We all like to play General Manager for our beloved Nuggets, but how about we all take a step out of our comfort zone and try to play GM for another team! The Denver Stiffs Community Mock Draft will be your chance to make a draft pick for a team of your choice, here is how it works:
In this thread sign up for one team to play GM for (in the comment section, of course!!!). It will be on a first come first served basis. You will need to pick your team AND send me an email for confirmation. When it is your turn to post you will email me the pick you made for your team and a short synopsis of why the pick was made, how the player fits into the system/future, and other variables for making the selection. As with a real draft you can only select from players who are still available, and to make things easier there will be no trades. We will only be doing a mock draft for the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft.
The deadline to email me your pick at muneer.barkatullah (at) yahoo.com is by 5:00 pm MT the day before your pick is posted. Here is a schedule of when the picks will be posted on DS:
May 21st: 1st pick
May 23rd: 3rd pick
May 24th: 4th pick
May 25th: 5th pick
May 26th: 6th pick
May 27th: 7th pick
May 28th: 8th pick
May 29th: 9th pick
May 30th: 10th pick
May 31st: 11th pick
June 1st: 12th pick
June 2nd: 13th pick
June 3rd: 14th pick
June 4th: 15th pick
June 5th: 16th pick
June 6th: 17th pick
June 7th: 18th pick
June 8th: 19th pick
June 9th: 20th pick
June 10th: 21st pick
June 11th: 22nd pick
June 12th: 23rd pick
June 13th: 24th pick
June 14th: 25th pick
June 15th: 26th pick
June 16th: 27th pick
June 17th: 28th pick
June 19th: 29th pick
June 20th: 30th pick
If you have any questions please email me or post in the comment sections. If you do pick a team please stick to the schedule. If a pick isn't emailed to me by 5:00 pm MT the day before your pick is posted, the pick will be automatically selected by the autonomous draft selector/cupcake enthusiast.