With the second pick the 2015 NBA Draft, Rocky Mountain Way and the Los Angeles Lakers select: D’Angelo Russell, Guard, Ohio State.

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Rocky Mountain Way:

There are uncertainties about an aging Kobe Bryant coming off shoulder surgery. With Jeremy Lin possibly leaving via free agency, the team needs a true point guard, more importantly they need a young dynamic leader. Without Kobe last year there was no one on the team that could really take charge, lead the team, and run the offense well. Russell is the guy that can do all of that right away.

The Lakers were just 19th in scoring this last season (with only 98 points per game). D'Angelo's three point shooting and diverse scoring ability can improve that immediately. On top of that, the Lakers were only 21st in assists per game and Russell's great passing would begin to help out the whole offense in that regard. The combination of Russell's sharp shooting and passing with Julius Randle's interior scoring would be an effective combo.
Towns was the first choice, and Jahlil Okafor was tempting, but Okafor's limitations on defense and rim protection were enough to go with Russell instead.

*Rocky Mountain Way was given a fist bump by Jeanie Buss and a stern look of approval by Kobe Bryant’s Adams Apple.*
Fishbowlin and the Philadelphia 76ers are now on the clock.