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Last season, the Denver Nuggets introduced a WHITE GOLD alternate jersey, created by Adidas, that was the official “Pride” jersey designation by the NBA.

I have no problem with teams having “Pride” jerseys. The Houston Rockets have a “Clutch City” Pride jersey. The Washington Wizards have some truly awful Pride jerseys, that Nuggets fans saw when the two teams played last season.

I even like the “WHITE GOLD” Pride jerseys – even if you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. But the Nuggets ruin the jerseys by listing them as “White Pride” jerseys on their website.

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The Nuggets were called out last season for marketing their apparel as “White Pride” instead of using the more accurate label of “White Gold.” It was embarrassing for fans, the team, and the person responsible should feel bad.

I don’t understand how the Nuggets can make the same mistake again. It shouldn’t be that difficult for someone, whether it’s an intern or a supervisor, to see the phrase “White Pride” and think, “Hey, maybe we should change that.”

They already list the gold alternates as “Gold Flex” – why not list the pride jerseys as “White Flex” or “Gold Pride” instead of the more charged phrase? This shouldn’t be that big of a challenge, and fans shouldn’t have to be the ones informing the Nuggets of a mistake.

At least the Nuggets won’t be wearing their white alternate pride jersey during any of the games in February.


According to league sources, the Denver Nuggets were NOT responsible for the wording of the Jersey’s listed on the website. Jersey slogans and titles come from Adidas. The above chart has been immediately removed from the Nuggets website.