In this weekend summit episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by Daniel Lewis and Gordon Gross of The three of us share our thoughts on the recent 6-game Nuggets road trip and say whether we are encouraged or discouraged by the way it went down. We play Devil's Advocate about Murray's hot shooting, Beasley's spot in the rotation, and Denver's record by the end of December. 

At the 38 minute mark we move on to Star Wars related topics including our favorite Star Wars characters, which player is Denver's protagonist, which person(s)/team is Denver's antagonist, and which player is likely to go to the dark side. As always, it was a fun summit, even if the recording quality is a tiny bit worse than usual (thanks Skype).

Locked On Nuggets
Adam Mares
Denver Stiffs
Daniel Lewis
Gordon Gross

The Denver Stiffs

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