In this weekend summit episode of the show, I am joined by two of Altitude 950’s younges hosts. Josh Dover hosts "In the Paint" and "Between the Pipes," Altitude 950s post game Nuggets and Avalanche shows. He is also the co-host of the Marc Moser show. Will Petersen is co-host of The Vic Lombardi show and a producer of various other Altitude 950 shows.

The three of us discuss whether or not last night's win over the Bulls was a "good win." I ask them if they are concerned about Jamal Murray's poor shooting and Denver's apparent lack of leadership. I also ask them which Denver sports fanbase is THE WORST and if they have a "Buddy Bell" moment. And lastly, as we always do, we look at the week ahead and predict the team's record in the upcoming slate of games.

These Weekend Summit episodes are always fun, light-hearted discussions on a very wide array of topics that occasionally touch on in-depth analysis of the team.

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