Welcome in to the Denver Nuggets Weekend Moment! A short post about a moment from Denver Nuggets history that is relevant to today. This weekend the Nuggets welcome the Chicago Bulls in to town and we’re only a couple years removed from one of Jamal Murray’s most heroic Murray Flurry’s of his career that not coincidentally happened against the Bulls. In March of the 2020-2021 season the Nuggets found themselves trailing by double digits in the fourth quarter to Chicago. Murray though started heating up in the third quarter and slowly but surely started chipping away until the teams were trading baskets and leads in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. The Bulls almost had the victory but Murray refused to lose, tying the game with 0.4 seconds left.

In overtime Jamal put on the gas and scored seven points bringing his total points for the fourth quarter and overtime to twenty-two. Chicago meanwhile ran out of gas and couldn’t keep pace with the Nuggets. Jamal put the finishing touches on the comeback with a mid-range floater with ten seconds remaining to put Denver up by four and seal the victory. Perhaps not his most memorable moment as it happened in the middle of a season with no fans in the stands but yet another example of how Jamal can get into modes where he flat out will carry the Nuggets to victory.