We’re still very much in the rumor stage but it appears as though Danilo Gallinari is still a realistic option for the Nuggets. First, USA Today’s Sam Amick reported that Gallo was “very much in play” for the Nuggets.

Then, on the NBA free agency special on ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski said that the Denver “remains very interested in bringing back Gallinari.”

If it plays out this way, the Nuggets would be locked in to their front court for the future. Paul Millsap is meeting with the Nuggets this evening and Denver is considered the strong front runner to land the savvy and underrated veteran. Nikola Jokic, of course, has cemented himself as the building block of the future.

All three of those players are incredibly smart, unselfish, and versatile on the offensive end. Gallinari is an excellent outside shooter and both Millsap and Jokic are above average for their position and excellent from the mid-range. More importantly, all three move the ball and can make plays with the pass. It would likely create the most dynamic front court combination outside of Golden State and even then, the Nuggets trio would have a more solid interior presence.

All three also have a lot of defensive upside. Millsap is considered one of the best defensive power forwards in the league. Both Gallinari and Jokic have shown flashes of being solid below-the-rim defenders when engaged. The team would still lack above-the-rim athleticism and rim protection but that trio is certainly a trio that should be able to drag Denver out of the bottom of the league defensively.

While Denver appears to be picking up steam with Millsap, Gallo is still a bit of an unknown. He has plans to meet with mutliple teams and may take a bit more time to make a decision in free agency. He has stated in the past how much he loves the city of Denver, but he has also stated an interest in exploring all options and getting a taste of the full free agency experience.

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