The Denver Nuggets unveiled two new uniforms this afternoon at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, a public event which fans were encouraged to attend. The jerseys were worn by Gary Harris and Darrell Arthur, and they happen to look pretty good.

The two jerseys shown here are the Association and the Icon jersey, replacing the longstanding Home and Away concepts. This year, the home team will be given their choice of four jerseys (or five if they also possess a “Classic” uniform), while the away team will choose a contrasting uniform.

The new jerseys don’t look entirely different than last year’s versions, with the main change being the switch from baby blue to navy blue. The collars have been altered to feature gold and white trim, an alteration that looks very good. The shorts have also been altered to feature a new pickaxe logo, another quality design.

Here are pictures of last year’s uniforms to compare and contrast with the new ones. First, the home jersey.

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Second, the away jersey.

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I happen to really like the change to navy blue. It was time for a fresh look, and the Nuggets in navy blue makes more sense at this time. The jersey really pops, and the white trim is a great look. The Western Union patch also blends in reasonably well with both uniforms, which was a concern for some.

What’s next?

Only two of the four new jerseys were released today, the Association uniform and the Icon uniform. These two uniforms are likely to be worn most frequently by the Nuggets this year. They will (most likely) be the easiest to match what another team decides to wear.

The next two uniforms, called the “Athlete’s Mindset” and the “Community” uniforms, will be released later during the fall this year. These uniforms are mostly unknown to the public, but there should be some new concepts brought about by Nike, who are almost entirely responsible for the new designs, according to sources.

Jerseys will be made available for purchase on September 29th.

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