Tyler Lydon has undergone arthroscopic knee surgery today, the Denver Nuggets confirmed via press release. Lydon, Denver’s 2017 first round pick, injured his knee Wednesday, January 24th playing for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. Lydon was averaging 12.6 points and 8.5 rebounds per game in 15 G League appearances for the Vipers.

ESPN’S Adrian Wojnarowksi gives the timetable of four months, which indicates a meniscus repair.

There’s no on-record confirmation of that yet, though both BSN Denver and Mile High Sports are reporting it, nor that it is the only injured part of the knee, but proceeding on that basis the meniscus is a cartilaginous pad in the knee that acts as a shock absorber, essentially. There’s one on each side of the knee and they can be torn by landing awkwardly or spinning in a damaging fashion. It’s possible to not perform the surgery to repair the meniscus or even to remove just the damaged parts and hope for the best, but with Lydon being a young man just starting his career the full repair surgery and increased down-time for recovery is for the best.

It’s a cruel blow for Lydon, who needs the practice time and G League gameplay to improve his game and challenge for a rotation spot next year. In Denver’s currently croweded field of power forwards and with Trey Lyles playing the role that might best suit Lydon, he’ll have to first concentrate on mastering rehab and getting back on the court in improved shape. Considering the leap between the college and NBA games, having several months to spend in the gym to better help him bang down low with bigger and stronger men isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

Our condolences and best wishes to Lydon – come back strong and have this just be a minor blip in your career.