Any die-hard Denver Nuggets fan knows who Jim Gillen is. He was the the team’s trainer for 23 years from 1991 to 2014, and during his time with the Nuggets he became known for his unique trademarks and his unmatched commitment to his profession. These traits made him an extremely likable personality in Denver, and an easy target for well-intentioned jokes. For instance, his mustache gave reason for Danilo Gallinari and others to nickname him The Lorax. And who could forget those sweater vests? In fact, the team honored him during his last season when all of the coaches donned similar vests for his last game. Gillen no doubt formed a lot of relationships during his tenure with the Nuggets, but most fans will remember the special one he shared with Gallinari.

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The picture that accompanies this tweet is perfect, especially the hilarious expression on Gillen's face. His facial expression shows joy but his body language reveals that he's attempting to free himself of Gallo's hold. It's also perfect that they are standing in front of that sign, a cool tribute to the experienced trainer and Nuggets icon.

I'm sure many fans miss seeing Gillen on the sidelines, and the players that had the fortune to play under his tenure most certainly miss him even more. It's nice to see him return to visit the team, and heartwarming to see him embraced with open arms…literally.