Twitter has been full of entertainment in the last couple of days after some snippets from George Karl’s new book was released. Many NBA Players have responded on social media to the criticisms he made directed at Kenyon Martin, Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith. Martin in particular had quite a lot to say about the attacks made against his character. However, Wilson Chandler had an underestimated tweet this week with his response to the situation.

This story has been covered by many different angles from the media already, but Chandler’s perspective adds some humor to the drama. Only a few players on the current Nuggets roster were coached by Karl during his tenure in Denver, so it would be interesting to hear what they think of Karl’s decision to blast some of the biggest names from that era of Nuggets basketball. Based on the fact that Chandler compared Karl’s memoir to Karine Steffan’s own tell-all, detailing some very scandalous confessions from the hip-hop industry, and the assumption that he is shaking his head (smh) at the situation, it’s pretty safe to say he’s disappointed in his former coach.

Well, perhaps all of this will make Michael Malone not seem so bad a day after he shocked fans with a questionable lineup when the game was on the line and got a technical foul in a game the Nuggets lost by one point. Got to look on the bright side sometimes, Nuggets fans.