If you follow the NBA at all, you have probably heard the debate going on regarding criticisms that former players have made on the style of basketball that currently exists in the league. At the center of this debate is Stephen Curry, who was the subject of a comment by Oscar Robertson on ESPN’s Mike & Mike. In case you haven’t heard about this, Robertson basically implied that if Curry had played in the league at the time that Robertson did, he wouldn’t have been as effective on offense due to the more aggressive style of play on the defensive end.

Well, Wilson Chandler has a message for Robertson and other old timers. In short, stop the comparisons and just enjoy the game.

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I agree completely with Ill Will. Obviously, the game is different now than it was when Robertson played. That's only natural, since so much time has passed. But as long as the game is enjoyable to watch and it continues to produce skilled and talented players like Curry, then nobody should have a problem with it. Just enjoy the NBA for what it is.

Way to speak the truth, Will.