The Tweet of the Week is a new weekly post in which one tweet from a Denver Nuggets player or staff member will be highlighted every Tuesday. The tweet will be picked either for its humor, inspiration or simply for being a good representation of what’s going on with the Nuggets that week.

There were a lot of entertaining tweets to pick from for the very first Tweet of the Week, including selfies, words of wisdom and song lyrics. However, the first winner of this award goes to Wilson Chandler for a post that lets us all know that it’s that time of the year again. No tweet sums it up better than this one:

It's four simple words, yet they serve the purpose of reminding us all that the real fun is about to begin again. With media day passed, training camp today through Thursday, and the start of preseason on Friday, the NBA season is officially upon us. We can all rejoice in knowing that the Nuggets are back and that we can now look forward to another exciting season. Go Nuggets!