While many Denver Nuggets fans may not have been expecting immediate success in 2015-16, it’s become pretty clear as the season has progressed that the team has a bright future. With a lot of young talent and plenty of time to develop, fans should be excited for what’s ahead. However, as Will Barton reminded us earlier this week, we may not have to wait that long to see the Nuggets back in the playoffs.

The Nuggets are only 2.5 games back from the eighth-seeded Utah Jazz as of now, and with a more favorable schedule and less injuries than they’ve had all year, it’s not that hard to imagine them squeezing into the postseason. Seeing the team take down the defending champion Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night certainly makes Barton’s prediction appear more credible. However, losses like the one last night against the Miami Heat will have to be prevented from here on out if they stand a chance to compete for a ticket to the playoffs.

Regardless of whether or not you share Barton's optimism for this season, it's nice to see that the players aren't giving up hope for immediate success. The Nuggets clearly have a bright future, but now let's see if they can have a bright season.

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