Will Barton had one of the best games of his career, if not the best, on Thursday night against the Chicago Bulls. In case you missed it and have been living under a rock ever since, Barton scored a career-high 37 points, including the game-winner. When the Nuggets looked like they were headed towards another blow-out defeat in the first quarter, it was Barton's offensive firepower off the bench that got them back into the game. Then, when the Nuggets needed to execute down the stretch to pull out a close game at home, it was again Barton that saved them.

Barton, as the true fan-favorite that he is, gave credit to the Denver Nuggets fans after the game with this tweet:

The Nuggets are now 9-2 at home, far superior than their 3-7 road record. Barton's enthusiasm towards the crowd after the game was almost as fun to watch as the game-winner itself. He seems to be all-in on hyping Nuggets fans this season, which is must needed after the last few years.

Credit to Barton for appreciating the home crowd on a night where it would have been easy to take all of the credit for that win.