After the Denver Nuggets defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in thrilling fashion Friday night, I turned to Twitter in hopes that I would find the perfect tweet that would sum up the game that I was lucky enough to be in attendance for. I was hoping one of the players (any of them, I didn't really care who) would tweet about it so that it could be the focus of this article.

I was not disappointed. Will Barton issued the perfect, three-worded tweet after the game in which he was the hero, scoring 11 points in overtime as the Nuggets defeated the Pelicans, 117-111.

The Pepsi Center was rocking on Friday night, vocally expressing outrage at every questionable call and enthusiastically cheering every made basket by the Nuggets, as the team was somehow able to come back from being down by 18 at one point in the game.

What makes this Tweet even better is knowing that Barton has these shoes:

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If one thing is certain after tonight, it's that nobody is more qualified to hold the title as "Fan Favorite" than Barton this season. It's great to see a player show such love to a city that clearly has a lot of love for him.