Last season, Will Barton was the star off the bench for the Denver Nuggets. He averaged 14.4 points a game and ended the season in strong consideration for sixth-man of the year. This season, he has been forced to miss the last 8 games due to an ankle sprain. However, the Nuggets are not without offense off the bench. They now have Wilson Chandler back and healthy after missing a full season with a hip injury, and he looks like he has not missed a step. In fact, he’s been playing better than we’ve seen him play in a Nuggets uniform. This has caused many to take notice, including Barton.

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He’s right, it’s safe to say Chandler is officially back in game form. It’s truly amazing, considering how long he was forced to sit out. He’s averaging 16.2 points a game to go along with 7.2 rebounds. On Wednesday night against the Phoenix Suns, he had 28 points while shooting 11/22 from the field. It’s great to see him be so effective on offense while continuing to show why he’s one of the best defensive players on the team as well. Chandler’s talent has never been in question, but he hasn’t always been consistent. Before his injury, it was frequent that he would give the team an outstanding quarter of basketball before disappearing for the rest of the game. This season, he’s making his presence felt throughout the game.

Props to Barton for giving Chandler the recognition that he deserves. Nuggets fans should be thrilled when these two are able to wreak havoc together off the bench again.