The Denver Nuggets did something this week that the team had not done since 2013. After five brutal years of playing 82 games with no playoff ticket as a reward, the Nuggets finally clinched a spot in the postseason. It was a momentous occasion for the fans, players, and coaches. Many of the young players on the team have yet to experience a taste of the playoffs. This is also Michael Malone’s first playoff experience as a head coach.

The Nuggets could have reacted a couple of different ways to this accomplishment. They could have played it cool, acting as though they expected this all along and they don’t have time to celebrate the small milestones since much bigger goals loom. Instead, the Nuggets opted to react in a celebratory fashion, which in my opinion was the correct way to go. Just because a team celebrates an achievement does not mean that they do not recognize that the achievement is only the first step to a bigger goal. See below for a clip of the Nuggets in the locker room following their win against the Boston Celtics on Monday night that clinched a playoff spot.

Will Barton took to Twitter following the game to confirm that their job is not done this season but to also vocalize his pride in the accomplishment.

I’m sure every Nuggets fan that has followed the team in the last five years is relishing in this moment, so it’s nice that the team is willing to show their emotions as well. Here’s to a (hopefully) more lengthy playoff run than the one in 2013.