Denver Nuggets fans have not seen much of Will Barton lately, since he went down with a hip injury in the second game of the season. Regardless, there probably is not a Nuggets fan out there that isn’t convinced he’s been working harder than ever to get back on the court. His work ethic is just one of the many inspiring attributes about him. Going from a second-round draft pick and a player that hardly saw the court during his first few seasons in the NBA to a starter on a playoff caliber team must have been a long and harrowing journey. Based on the Tweet of the Week, this journey was not without its mistakes.

Barton wants his fans to know that despite these past wrongdoings, his story is still one that can provide inspiration. In fact, he seems to be saying that these tribulations allow him to be an example to those going through similar circumstances, proving that you can in fact come out the other side to reach success. After all, there’s not a better example of what hard work can do than Barton. 

Everybody needs a little inspiration every now and then, and this tweet is definitely a good reminder that we shouldn’t let bumps in the road dictate our future.