Ah, rookie life. No NBA player can escape it. On Thursday, the Denver Nuggets tweeted a video on the official team account that gave us a glimpse into some of the rookie duties that Vlatko Cancar has been assigned this season. The video shows Cancar handing a pair of shoes to veteran Paul Millsap. However, that was not the end of Cancar’s duties. He then proceed to loosen up the shoelaces and tongue of the shoes, getting them all ready for Millsap to wear. Cancar’s commitment to the task did not go unnoticed by Millsap. Check out the video below.

Another cool part of this clip is the fact that you can hear Malik Beasley reminiscing about his rookie season. He seems to say at one point to Jarred Vanderbilt that he was “the rook of the rooks,” which is pretty amusing to imagine.

Cancar, to his credit, seems to be a great sport in completing these tasks, as his infamous smile never left his face. And if there’s one player that deserves the menial tasks to be completed for him, it’s 14-year veteran Paul Millsap.