The Tweet of the Week this week goes to Tyler Lydon for tweeting a sentiment that I'm sure we can all relate to.

There's nothing worse than going to bed feeling great, ignorantly thinking that your future has nothing but health and happiness in store…and then waking up to the horrible realization that the next week or two is going to be full of misery and despair…am I being too dramatic? Maybe, but regardless – it's not a good feeling, and Lydon represented that perfectly in this tweet.

Sickness seems to be going around the Nuggets locker room. Will Barton played through a fever a week and a half ago and now Lydon – despite the fact that he's been spending time away from the Nuggets in the G-league – seems to have come down with something. Respect to the players that are able to play through illness, since all I want to do when I'm sick is complain and lounge around the house doing absolutely nothing.

Lydon, meanwhile, is doing this in the G-league…