The NBA is back after taking a brief hiatus for all-star weekend. It was definitely a memorable one, as Saturday night saw many highlight-worthy moments including Devin Booker on fire from the three-point line and Donovan Mitchell coming away with the Slam Dunk title. However, the real story of the weekend was centered on a change that the NBA decided to make to the all-star game. Instead of the West vs. East format that fans have been used to, the NBA opted to make things interesting by having two captains drafting their respective teams. They also added more incentives for the players to put out more of a competitive effort, which seemed to work. I think most can agree that the new format was a success, including Nuggets forward Tyler Lydon.

Besides the fact that the game itself was far more competitive than in years past (huge props to the NBA for including a charity-based incentive), it also provided interesting storylines revolved around which players were selected at which spots by team captains LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Overall, the NBA knocked it out of the park with this change.

Now it's only a matter of time before a Denver Nugget gets to participate in this new format.