A few nights ago, I was scrolling through Twitter before going to bed and noticed that Troy Daniels was a trending topic. That’s odd, I thought. I wonder if it’s the Troy Daniels I’m thinking of? I clicked on his name, and sure enough, the Denver Nuggets’ newest addition had gone viral after posting a photo of his meal on Day 1 inside the Orlando bubble on his Instagram story. While it seems that the photo did not capture the entire meal, let’s just say, it wouldn’t be a very impressive meal by most of our standards, let alone the standards of a 6’4, 200-pound NBA player.

To make matters worse, somebody decided to do a side-by-side comparison after Los Angeles Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma shared what he was eating in the bubble (sushi). This prompted jokes about the difference in status between a Lakers player and a Nuggets player. Fortunately, Daniels seems optimistic that the food will improve after the quarantine process has completed.

Let’s just hope that as this “bubble” experimentation evolves, the players continue to give us glimpses into some of the more amusing components in their day-to-day lives.