Atlanta Hawks’ rookie Trae Young has been gaining serious momentum as a candidate for 2018-19 Rookie of the Year. When he’s not stunning crowds with unreal game winners, he’s lending his encouragement and support to a fellow member of the 2018 draft class, Michael Porter Jr. Young shared a video on Wednesday of Porter Jr. working out prior to the game against the Golden State Warriors. Spoiler alert: it involved a very athletic move towards the basket.

The video confirms what most everybody already knows at this point – Porter Jr. is going to be an extremely valuable asset once he returns to the court. Young is already making a lot of noise in his debut season, so the thought of these two dominating the league for years to come is a pretty exciting one to say the least. Although they will be on separate teams, it sounds like they each have a support system in the other.

I’m sure every Nuggets fan shares Young’s feelings on Porter’s eventual return.