On November 11th during a game between the Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic, Nikola Jokic threw a lob to Kenneth Faried that most probably assumed would lead to a turnover. Instead, it resulted in arguably the play of the season so far. If you haven't yet seen this dunk, check it out below:

That pass, had the Manimal not caught it, was headed waaaay out of bounds. It's downright insane how high Faried had to reach to catch the pass, one-handed, to then bring it back down and slam it home. Surely even the Manimal doubted his ability to complete that alley-oop, right?


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It's not often that Jokic throws a pass that requires much effort on behalf of the recipient to retrieve the ball. His passes are usually spot on. But in this case, it seemed highly unlikely while watching that Faried would ever be able to reach that ball. Shame on me for ever doubting the Manimal.

Now that Jokic has been told that there is no pass too high for the Manimal, I can't wait to see what kinds of crazy alley-oops we see next from those two.