With the Nuggets fighting the injury bug this past month, R.J. Hampton has had the opportunity to showcase not only his potential as a significant role player in the NBA, but also as an incredibly athletic and exciting dunker. In fact, he’s the exact type of dunker that is often showcased during All-Star weekend in the dunk contest. Unfortunately, R.J. Hampton will have to wait a while to prove his dunking abilities on the big stage.

Fortunately for Nuggets fans, however, we will undoubtedly have plenty of examples of Hampton’s athleticism in the years to come. After all, in just a few weeks of being a regular part of the rotation, he has already had two impressive dunks that have captivated the attention of NBA fans.

I think Hampton has made it pretty clear that should he ever be invited to the dunk contest during all-star weekend, he will put on quite the display.