It was another emotional week for the nation as news broke from Louisville, Kentucky on September 23rd that a grand jury had decided not to charge any of the officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor with her death, instead only charging one of the officers with “wanton endangerment” for carelessly firing shots into the walls of Taylor’s apartment, thereby endangering her neighbors.

If it was not clear before why this case garnered the attention that it did amongst not only NBA players, but citizens all over the country, it became abundantly clear with this announcement. Realizing that the city of Louisville decided to essentially ignore the role that the officers played in the death of Taylor on March 13, 2020 is a punch in the gut to everybody who has continuously fought for justice in not only her case, but the countless others that have been the subject of the Black Lives Matter movement happening in our nation right now.

Paul Millsap, who is one of the more vocal members of the Denver Nuggets when it comes to these issues, tweeted out his thoughts after this announcement.

Millsap took it a step further than just expressing his emotions, however. He announced the next day that he would be taking action to turn his training facility, Core4, into a polling station in Georgia.

With so much happening in our country today, sometimes it’s hard to imagine how all of these problems will be solved. However, by taking to social media to share his thoughts, and offering up his facility as another polling station, he is reminding his fans of the importance to exercise our right to vote. Voting is the perhaps the most impactful thing we can do as citizens, and I applaud Millsap for putting such an emphasis on this action during this time.