After a long offseason, the Denver Nuggets are back. The team tipped off the start of training camp with Media Day on Monday. Media Day is a great opportunity for fans to take a first look at the team that will be taking the court in the new season. We get to hear from the new additions to the team that we’ve not yet heard from, we get to hear from the coach and players on what the expectations are for the season, and most importantly, we get to take part in the excitement of knowing that the start of the NBA season is just weeks away. The players are just as excited as the fans, which is evidenced by their activity on social media this week.

Here are some of the bests tweets/posts from Media Day and training camp 2018:

This is a simple, yet telling, tweet from third-year player Malik Beasley. Beasley was up and thinking about Media Day at 6:19 a.m!

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Year #13 will be the best one yet.

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Paul Millsap took to Instagram to share his optimism for the season ahead. The thought of Millsap having his best season yet in a Nuggets uniform is exciting to say the least…

Nuggets rookie Jarred Vanderbilt had some fun on Twitter after it was pointed out that he has put on some needed weight since his high school days. Sounds like he’s already in NBA-mode.

Looks like Michael Porter Jr. is a great multi-tasker. Here, we see him talking to the media and socializing, all the while holding a smoothie and a cell phone in his hand. If he’s as effective at multi-tasking on the court as he is off of it, then the Nuggets are in good shape.

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Year 👌🏾

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I love this picture! The look of pure joy on all three of their faces says all you need to know about this young core. They genuinely love being around one another.

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Did I get a stop or no?🤔

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After the Nuggets had some fun posing in front of the camera on Media Day, they flew out to San Diego for training camp to get to work. Millsap posted this shot to Instagram on Friday in which he asks the fans whether or not they think he was able to get a stop against Jokic on this play. Millsap is one of the better defenders on the team, but Jokic is one of the best offensive players in the league, so…your guess is as good as mine.

If you missed the hoopla surrounding Media Day, make sure to check out our Storystream for plenty of audio/video of players’ interviews, analysis, and more from the Denver Stiffs.