As the country continues to navigate uncharted territories amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, Denver Nuggets fans are getting glimpses into the lives of the players in self-isolation via social media. This week, it was Paul Millsap that blessed our Instagram timelines with a few different TikTok videos. TikTok is an app used to create short videos showcasing dances, lip-syncs, or comedy, and it has only gained more popularity these days now that people find themselves with more free time at home.

Based on Millsap’s Instagram feed, it appears that the veteran is getting quite familiar with the app. He shared two videos showcasing himself doing some magic tricks, and another video showing him playing on his kids’ playground set that is most definitely not made for a 6’8, 257 pound NBA player. But, hey, when you’re not allowed to leave the house, you have to find entertainment wherever you can.

If we’re lucky, we’ll get some more TikTok videos from Millsap to enjoy while we self-isolate.