If there’s one thing we’ve learned during quarantine, it’s that Paul Millsap has some serious TikTok skills. In the last few months, he’s used the app to post his magic tricks, post videos of himself dancing, and even post some of his highlights. A few days ago, he posted a video of him doing a dance side by side with a video of three of his kids doing the same dance. He then posed a question to his followers: Who did it best?

Millsap, the oldest player on the Denver Nuggets, being the player most involved in the latest social media trends is not what I expected, but it’s definitely welcome. With the Nuggets’ season set to resume on August 1st, it looks like Millsap is taking advantage of the time that he has with his family before entering the “bubble” and having to travel to Orlando with the team.

Fortunately for him, he and his kids will be able to continue doing the side by side dance competitions even after he leaves to Orlando, so it looks like a championship won’t be the only thing he’s competing for.