Every Sunday night for the past 5 weeks, sports fans have been enthralled in “The Last Dance,” a documentary that dives into the career of Michael Jordan, culminating with the Chicago Bulls’ quest for their sixth championship in eight years during the 1997-1998 season. The documentary not only touches on the inspiring aspects of Jordan’s career as he established himself as one of the greatest to ever play the game, but it also included humerous tidbits that occurred during those eight years. For anybody that knows anything about those teams, it is not surprising that Dennis Rodman was the centerpiece to some of those stories.

One of these instances is when Rodman requested a 48-hour leave of absence from the team in order to take a vacation to Las Vegas. Another is when he mysteriously missed practice during their championship run in 1998 in order to attend a televised wrestling match. Paul Millsap, like many others, are still shocked by this decision:

My first question when watching this part in the documentary is “What if a player in today’s NBA did that?” It would certainly be all over the media and would most likely follow the player around for years to come. Despite this decision by Rodman, it did not prevent them from winning the championship that year, and I think we should all commend Phil Jackson for keeping his cool during that whole ordeal.

Now that “The Last Dance” has aired its final episode, there’s nothing to do but wait until the NBA returns.