While it certainly is not the most ideal time to be a Denver Nuggets fan, considering the 0-3 series deficit that the team now faces against the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference semi-finals, this week still included a very historic and significant moment for the franchise. On Tuesday, Nikola Jokic was announced to be the 2021 NBA MVP, becoming the first Nugget and the lowest drafted player to ever win the award. Regardless of what happens in these playoffs, this season will go down in franchise and league history and Nuggets fans should be appreciative of what this moment means. Jokic’s teammates, who have been beneficiaries of his outstanding and selfless play, took to social media after the announcement in order to express gratitude for their teammate and to congratulate him on a well-earned achievement.

In Monte Morris’ post congratulating Jokic on the MVP, he opted to poke fun at some of the common misconceptions surrounding Jokic throughout his career. It truly is incredible to see a player that has had so many criticisms become the MVP.

Will Barton, the only Nugget who has been on the team since Jokic’s rookie year, sent a very profound tweet after the announcement in which he praised his teammate’s selflessness and work ethic, while acknowledging how grateful he is to be a part of his journey from the beginning.

Jamal Murray posted a video to his Instagram page highlighting some of the best plays involving he and Jokic. In his caption, he expressed his pleasure in playing alongside Jokic and his optimism for what’s to come in the MVP’s career.

In perhaps the funniest congratulatory post, P.J. Dozier took the chance to not only praise his teammate for the MVP award, but also to post a bunch of photos of himself “stealing” rebounds from Jokic on various occasions. Check out his Instagram page to view all of the photos.

It has been an absolute joy to watch Jokic all season, and the fact that he has been recognized for the impact that he has on his team should not be taken for granted. The Denver Nuggets have the MVP on their team, and Nuggets fans should rejoice.