Unfortunately, the Denver Nuggets’ offseason has come sooner than fans had hoped following elimination from the playoffs in the first round against the Golden State Warriors. It’s been a roller coaster of a season for fans, as we cheered during Jokic’s ascension to the top of the MVP conversation while at the same time bemoaning the team’s horrendous luck with regard to injuries. All and all, though, fans have a lot to be proud of for how the team performed in the face of adversity. Fans should also be grateful for having a team so willing to share their thoughts with the fans. Following elimination, the players have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the season and their future.

Austin Rivers, who went down with an injury in the first half of Game 5 and never returned, was very candid about his feelings on Twitter immediately after the game. He expressed regret that he couldn’t finish the game with his teammates, curiosity over whether or not his presence would have made a difference, and appreciation for Nuggets fans.

Rookie Bones Hyland has sent out multiple tweets in the past couple of days. The first tweet he sent out was dedicated towards his teammates and to the opposing team, as Hyland expressed appreciation for going up against a tough but classy team in the Warriors.

The next tweet that Hyland sent out was dedicated to himself. Bones reflected on his accomplishments in his rookie season while vowing to be even better next season.

Next, Hyland dedicated a tweet to Nuggets Nation, thanking fans for embracing him and providing such a fun environment for him to play home games.

Aaron Gordon took to Instagram on Friday in order to share photos of himself enjoying the season. He captioned the post “A Love Story.”

Regardless of how this season went, Nuggets fans should feel extremely grateful for having a team with players that are so easy to root for. It’s really nice to see such a willingness of the players to express gratitude to fans, teammates, and the game itself.

There will be a lot to root for next season, so here’s to the offseason flying by so we can get to watch Nuggets basketball again soon.