During this period in which we are not able to see consistent physical evidence of our favorite players’ improvement on the court, by the time that the NBA does finally resume action, it will remain a mystery as to how the players will look. Will some have regressed, given that they have been unable to participate in games for so long? Or will some of them have drastically improved during the self-isolation period?

At least in the case of Monte Morris, it seems as though he has taken the time to work on his game in the last month and a half.

While Morris may be talking about any number of things with this tweet, I choose to assume that he’s talking about his NBA game. Knowing Morris’ work ethic, I would not be surprised if he has taken this time to make drastic improvements in his skill set.

One of the many reasons to look forward to the time when all of this craziness in the world is behind us is that we’ll once again get to witness the fruits of labor of all of the hardworking and dedicated professional athletes. By the sounds of it, there will be quite a lot to witness from Morris.