The Denver Nuggets are the youngest team in the 2018-19 playoffs, but that does not mean that there has not been high expectations for the second seeded team in the Western Conference. For those that are wondering if the Nuggets are disappointed in how the first round series against the San Antonio Spurs has played out so far, Monte Morris crafted a tweet Friday night that will disprove that notion.

In my opinion, we should all share Morris’ line of thinking. Instead of being disappointed that the Nuggets were not able to close out the Spurs in six games, we should look at Game 7 as an opportunity to see what this team is really made of when the season is on the line. Success rarely comes easy, and playoff basketball is no exception. If the Nuggets are able to win a gritty series that goes 7 games, that will be an extremely impressive feat for a team in which most of the players have never experienced the playoffs before. This is especially true considering the momentum in the series was completely on the side of the Spurs after the first 3 games.

Advancing to the second round will be a challenge, but if the Nuggets can overcome the Spurs to keep their season alive, it will be quite the accomplishment. Let’s hope we see them earn this opportunity tomorrow.