Nikola Jokic may not have lit up the box score last Sunday during the NBA All- Star game, but he certainly provided some quality entertainment for those watching. On one play, he enthusiastically celebrated a banked-in three-pointer from Giannis Antetokounmpo by jumping up and down with Giannis afterwards. During another play, he jokingly interrogated Giannis about a missed opportunity when Giannis opted not to throw a pass off the backboard to a trailing Jokic.

Another entertaining moment came when Jokic scored two of his six points. Luka Doncic, spotting an open Jokic right below the basket, threw a lob. Jokic then jumped up and guided the ball into the basket gently with his right hand. It was an unconventional alley oop, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t celebration worthy for Joker, who gleefully skipped back to the other side of the court following the play.

Monte Morris responded to the clip of this play on Twitter, writing the following:

While the idea of throwing alley-oops to Jokic would have seemed crazy a couple years ago, there’s no denying that Jokic has been much more likely to throw it down this year. Who knows? If Morris and others start testing his jumping ability in games, we may see some alley-oops in the future from our MVP.