Watching the celebration as a team wins a national championship inspires a lot of emotions for professional athletes. One of the most dominant ones, however, has to be the feeling of motivation and excitement knowing that your time is approaching. That seemed to be Monte Morris’ line of thinking on Thursday after the Toronto Raptors stunned the world, defeating the Golden State Warriors to win their first ever NBA title.

Morris is displaying a lot of confidence in himself and his team for next season, and rightfully so. The Raptors dethroning the Warriors should be motivation to all other teams in the league. There’s no longer any excuse that a team is not able to win a championship simply because they will have to go through the Golden State Warriors. Even with Kevin Durant’s injury, and Klay Thompson’s injury later in the series, the Raptors have shown us that anything is possible. This should inspire many teams and athletes all around the league, as they hope to accomplish what the Raptors did this week. Morris seems to be one of these athletes, as he is hoping that next season is the Nuggets’ chance to shock the world.

Let’s hope he’s right. If so, this will not only be the Tweet of the Week, it’ll be the Tweet of the Year.