If you’re active on social media and you’re a basketball fan, chances are you’ve seen Maxisnicee’s viral videos, depicting himself doing impressions of NBA players on the court. These videos have allowed him to acquire more than 123,000 subscribers on YouTube, and have even gotten the attention of the NBA players that his videos depict. Lonzo Ball, for example, responded to a video that he did impersonating the Ball brothers, giving his stamp of approval to the Youtuber.

This week, Maxisnicee targeted Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray for his new video in which the Nuggets duo is impersonated on the court. Below is the full video.

A shortened clip quickly made the rounds on Twitter, and got the attention of Monte Morris. Morris seems to have had my exact reaction.

Obviously, Maxisnicee took some creative liberties with some of the moves that he highlighted in order to maximize comedic effect, such as the one where he literally used his head to make a pass. However, the overall tone of the video was extremely entertaining. The slow-footed way in which he impersonates Jokic making impressive passes and plays with his right-hand-man is pretty accurate, if you ask me. Jamal Murray seemed to think so, too, as he had a similar reaction on his Instagram story.

It’s great when you see players respond in a light-hearted way to videos like these, while supporting the creative efforts of the fans.