This week, the Denver Nuggets secured home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs with their win against the Charlotte Hornets. It’s a great accomplishment, especially when you consider that the Nuggets are the only team to clinch home-court in each of the last three seasons. To finish in the top four of an extremely tough Western Conference is a very impressive feat, and one that should not go without acknowledgement. That is why Monte Morris took to social media after the game in order to highlight this achievement, while also hyping up Nuggets fans for what’s to come in the playoffs.

The Nuggets were not able to enjoy the benefit of home-court advantage last season in the bubble, so it’s easy to see why the players would be so excited about the opportunity to play in front of fans this season, even if they are in limited numbers. Without Jamal Murray, the Nuggets will certainly welcome any advantage they can get over their opponents. The energy that fans bring in a playoff environment is unmatched, and I’m sure it was sorely missed by the players in Orlando. Let’s hope that home-court pays off for the Nuggets this season.