I’m sure we can all relate to being told something is a sign of weakness, even though doing that thing is beneficial to us, either in the short-term or the long-term. Monte Morris touched on this subject this week when he retweeted a post highlighting a study that found that putting your hands on your knees in order to catch your breath is actually an effective technique that helps you, well, catch your breath.

However, in the professional sports world, this act is often seen as a sign of weakness, as many see it as a sign that you are either out of shape or just not tough enough to handle the physical exertion. Morris found the information from the study interesting, considering that his own mom often criticizes him for pulling this move during games.

If you ask me, these athletes have to put their bodies through so much that, if this posture helps them in some way during the game, they should feel no guilt or shame for using the technique. After all, the faster they can catch their breath, the more energy they will have and the better they will perform.

You do you, Monte.