The Denver Nuggets have achieved the impossible in the 2020 postseason. After all hope seemed to be lost in the first round against the Utah Jazz after the Nuggets fell down 3-1 in the series, including two blow-out losses, they were able to win three straight elimination games to earn a ticket to the next round. They became just the 12th team in NBA history to do so.

It seemed like we were still reveling in this amazing feat when the Nuggets fell down 3-1 once again, this time to the Los Angeles Clippers, a team that many picked to win the championship this season. Amazingly enough, the Nuggets repeated their accomplishment and managed to complete the comeback to advance to the Western Conference finals.

Monte Morris took to Twitter after the game to sing the praises of his team and their character.

Regardless of how their series against the Los Angeles Lakers goes, this postseason for the Nuggets will go down in the books as one of the franchise’s most exciting and impressive playoff runs. The Nuggets will look to bounce back from their loss in Game 1 in their battle against the Lakers, so hopefully they are still full of that resiliency that led them to this stage.