On Friday morning, Denver Nuggets President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly went on Altitude Radio to discuss recent events surrounding his team. Of course, the subject of Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray, two players that have been sidelined for an extended period of time, made its way into the interview. What Connelly said during this discussion immediately captured the attention of Nuggets Nation.

Although this statement does not definitively confirm whether or not either player will return this season, it does reveal a lot about the progress that both players have made in their rehab. Monte Morris, who is recovering from an injury of his own currently, caught wind of the rumblings on social media about the news and decided to take to social media to react.

I’m sure Morris’ thoughts are shared by many. With the reigning MVP in Nikola Jokic and two extremely valuable players potentially making their return by the end of the season, the team could look much better sooner rather than later. Obviously, there’s a lot that will factor into whether or not we will see MPJ and Jamal this season, and how they’ll look if they do return. However, Morris is right. A fully healthy Nuggets team just might be the most dangerous sixth seed the NBA has seen in a while.
Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best, Nuggets Nation.