All Denver Nuggets fans can agree that their backup point guard, Monte Morris, has excellent vision on the court. So, it was pretty ironic when Morris tweeted out Friday that he recently obtained contact lenses and it now appears as though everything is in HD compared to what it was previously.

Scrolling through the comments to this tweet, it appears as though many fans had the same reaction. The general consensus was disbelief, considering it was hardly evident that Morris was struggling to see while on the court. In his short NBA career, Morris has established himself as a player that constantly makes the smart play, as his assist to turnover ratio will indicate. So, it’s easy to see why fans were amazed that all of that was accomplished while being unable to see.

Morris struggled from the field on Friday night against the Phoenix Suns, going 0-6, but only time will tell whether the contacts affects his game in the longterm. One thing is for sure, it will be hard for him to impress even more than he already has.