This week, the Denver Nuggets started off their road trip against the Detroit Pistons, a team they faced in Denver just two days prior. Going against a subpar Pistons team was a great opportunity for the Nuggets to kick start their six-game road trip. However, it was also a welcome first stop on the trip for Monte Morris. Morris, who grew up in Flint, Michigan, was afforded the opportunity to go home and visit his family before the game. He sent out a tweet on Monday night reflecting on the night, and it sounds like he was extremely appreciative of the experience.

Of course, Morris was on a business trip, so the next day he and the rest of the team had to prepare to play an important game that was a must-win in order to start the road trip off right. It’s obvious that Morris was especially excited for the game considering the below tweet he sent out on Tuesday afternoon.

Although Morris did not have his best game, shooting 3/14 from the field, he did notch an impressive 8 rebounds, including a key one down the stretch to secure the win.
It’s nice that Morris is willing to display his excitement for a regular season game to show fans that players do anticipate some games more than others. Based on Morris’ tweets, it’s clear that going home to play in front of friends and family is something that he really appreciates. While he did not have the game I’m sure he hoped to have, the Nuggets earned the win, which is the most important thing.

The Nuggets are now halfway through their road trip and still remain undefeated. However, they have arguably their toughest game of the trip on Sunday, so hopefully the entire team is excited for that one.