During this strange and scary time that we currently find ourselves in, even something small can bring a smile to your face amidst all of the chaos. This was the case, at least for me, on Thursday night when Monte Morris decided to give Denver Nuggets fans something to smile about when he took to social media to make this proclamation:

Obviously, given everything going on, professional sports is a very insignificant part of the world right now. Still, it was nice to read this from Morris, especially because it made me excited for when the NBA does resume. For one, we will then be able to resume cheering on a young and exciting team as they contend for a championship.

But most importantly, however, it reminded me that no matter how dark and frightening this time is, everyday life will eventually return to normal at some point. While it seems impossible to think about now, the Nuggets will be able to safely take to the court again to play basketball. When that will be is to be determined, but hopefully it’s sometime sooner rather than later so that we can continue watching the rise of this Nuggets squad.

Until then, let’s continue to find joy in the small things.