In case you didn’t have enough to be excited about as a Denver Nuggets fan right now (because maybe the fact that the team is FIRST in the Western Conference standings more than a quarter into the season just isn’t doing it for you), then take a look at a video shared on Twitter by Denver Post writer Mike Singer from a recent shootaround.

Anybody familiar with Michael Porter Jr. knows that he has an extremely high ceiling in this league. His size combined with his shooting ability make him a huge threat on the offensive end, and many fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for him to make his debut in a Nuggets uniform. This video should only excite fans more, as Porter Jr. is seen knocking in consecutive three-point shots with a very impressive form. MPJ displayed some excitement in his tweet while sharing this video, leading me to believe that he’s happy with the progress that he’s making in his recovery from two back surgeries. While it isn’t yet known whether we will see the Nuggets’ 14th overall draft pick suit up this season, watching him drain threes effortlessly is a good way to tide us over until that day arrives.