Based on a tweet by Isaiah Thomas this week, it sounds like Thomas and Michael Porter Jr, with the help of Jarred Vanderbilt, conspired to make a viral video. Vanderbilt posted a video to his Instagram story earlier this week depicting the Denver Nuggets’ rookie unleashing a ferocious windmill dunk right over 5’9 Thomas. The result is exactly what you’d expect.

Based on the caption, Thomas, Vanderbilt, and Porter Jr. wanted to put out a video that would garner a lot of attention on social media. A 6’10, super athletic and super talented rookie that has yet to play since being drafted to the NBA, dunking over a 5’9 star in Thomas seems to have done the trick.

If there’s one thing to take away from this short clip is that MPJ is looking healthy and as though he has not lost any athleticism since undergoing a second back surgery in July of last year. As the regular season is getting closer to wrapping up, it’s looking less and less likely that we will see him get his first minutes in the NBA this season, but Nuggets fans should be very thrilled about having him on their team going forward.

My bet is that once he does start getting game action, we will be seeing him dunk over way taller players than Thomas.